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If you have questions with regard to our research, the institute or about aging, we are glad to assist you.

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Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI)
Beutenbergstraße 11
07745 Jena, Germany

P. +49 3641 – 65 6000

Raddau, Heike+49 3641 656367eMailPurchasing
Rahnis, Norman+49 3641 656856eMailCF Proteomics
Reichenbach, Daniela+49 3641 656052eMailKaether Research Group
Reichwald, Kathrin+49 3641 656281eMailValenzano Research Group
Reuter, Michael+49 3641 656136eMailMorrison Research Group
Ricciardi, Luisa+49 3641 656024eMailMorrison Research Group
Richter, Annekatrin+49 3641 656058/6749eMailEnglert Research Group
Richter, Yasmin+49 3641 656708eMailKirstein Research Group
Rickert, Johannes---eMailKaether Research Group
Riecken, Lars Björn+49 3641 656421eMailMorrison Research Group
Riege, Konstantin+49 3641 656875eMailHoffmann Research Group
Riemann, Marc+49 3641 656704eMailWaskow Research Group
Ritter, Christin+49 3641 656185eMailvon Eyss Research Group
Rodriguez, Maurizio+49 3641 656744eMailExperimental Services
Röppnack-Jahnke, Ivonne+49 3641 656333eMailTeam secretariate
Röse, Melissa+49 3641 656617eMailExperimental Services
Rose, Magdalena+49 3641 656314eMailResearch Coordination
Rosemann, Heidi+49 3641 656064/6088eMailExperimental Services
Rost, Benita+49 3641 656343eMailFinances
Rückner, Nadja+49 3641 656640eMailTeam secretariate
Rüdiger, Tina+49 3641 656499eMailCorreia Melo Research Group
Rudolph, Karl Lenhard+49 3641 656818eMailRudolph Research Group
Ryabova, Alina+49 3641 656851eMailValenzano Research Group