Englert Research Group

Current Projects

  • Identification of targets of the Wilms tumor protein Wt1 in tissue development and homeostasis

  • Characterization of Wt1’s function in the central nervous system

  • Establishment of zebrafish models to analyze Wilms’ tumor protein Wtx

  • Analysis of the age-dependency of kidney regeneration

  • Analysis of biochemical signaling pathways that regulate the aging process of the short-lived vertebrate N. furzeri(Notho project)


Christoph Englert
Group Leader
+49 3641 65-6042

Ramona Taubert
+49 3641 65-6336


Christoph Englert+49 3641 656042christoph.englertleibniz-flideGroup Leader
Birgit Perner+49 3641 656749/6493birgit.pernerleibniz-flideStaff Scientist
Johannes Krug+49 3641 656493/6749johannes.krugleibniz-flidePostdoc
Annekatrin Richter+49 3641 656058/6749annekatrin.richterleibniz-flidePostdoc
Evgeniy Brik---evgeniy.brikleibniz-flideDoctoral Candidate
Vera Hopfenmüller+49 3641 656714vera.hopfenmuellerleibniz-flideDoctoral Candidate
Yuan Meng+49 3641 656749yuan.mengleibniz-flideDoctoral Candidate (external)
Zhen Zhang+49 3641 656721/6749zhen.zhangleibniz-flideDoctoral Candidate (external)
Dagmar Kruspe+49 3641 656041dagmar.kruspeleibniz-flideLab Manager
Christina Ebert+49 3641 656044/ 6749christina.ebertleibniz-flideTechnical Assistant
Gabriele Günther+49 3641 656306/6752gabriele.guentherleibniz-flideTechnical Assistant
Hanna Mörl---Master Student

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