How to Find Us

The FLI is located at the southern part of Campus Beutenberg in Jena and can easily be recognized by the long white laboratory building stretching along the road. This is where you can find the reception.

IC bus connections or regional trains Berlin-Jena-Nuremberg to train station Jena Paradies. From there to FLI:
  • Tram 5 (or 35) (destination Ernst-Abbe-Platz) until station Holzmarkt (1 station); change to bus 10, 11 or 12 until station Beutenberg-Campus.
  • Tram 2, 3 (or 34) (destination Winzerla) until station Ringwiese; walk about 5 min. up Hermann-Löns-Straße.

Regional East-West connections to train station Jena West. From there to FLI:

  • Walk about 100 meters until Magdelstieg.
  • Take bus 10 (destination Burgaupark), 11 (destination Ammerbach) or 12 (destination Göschwitz-Schleife) until station Beutenberg-Campus.

Click here  for long-distance network of routes (pdf) of Deutsche Bahn.

Click here  for regional network of routes (pdf) of Deutsche Bahn.

  • A4/E40 Dresden-Frankfurt/Main-Brussels, Exit: Jena-Göschwitz or Jena-Zentrum
  • A9/E49/E51 Berlin-Nuremberg, Exit: Eisenberg; B7 destination Jena
  • Hermsdorfer Kreuz A4/A9: follow A4 destination Frankfurt/Main for 20 km (exit: Jena-Zentrum or Jena-Göschwitz)
  • B88 Naumburg-Jena-Rudolstadt, destination Jena
  • B7 Kassel-Eisenach-Erfurt-Jena-Gera, destination Jena
  • International Airport Leipzig/Halle: 90 km
  • Airport Weimar-Erfurt: 50 km
  • Commercial Airport Jena-Schöngleina: 15 km
1Laboratory buildingReception, seminar rooms “Nucleus“, “Golgi“, “Endoplasmic Reticulum“, “Telomere“, parking garage
2Laboratory building
3Laboratory buildingLecture hall, seminar room “Peroxisome“
4Administrative buildingSeminar rooms “Mitochondrium“ and “Centrosome“
5Laboratory buildingSeminar rooms “Lysosome“ and “Genome“
6Laboratory building
7Laboratory building
8Laboratory building
9Administrative building „Villa“Seminar room “Ribosome“


Leibniz Institute on Aging -
Fritz Lipmann Institute
Beutenbergstraße 11
07745 Jena, Germany

Central Phone Number
+49 3641 65-6000

+49 3641 65-6855

Beutenberg Campus

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