von Eyss Research Group

Tools and Methods

Since our lab is mainly interested in transcriptional regulation, we use state-of-the-art methods to investigate YAP/TAZ-mediated transcription:

  • Genome-wide transcriptomis: ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, 4SU-Seq
  • High throughput genetic screens: CRISPR and siRNA
  • Proteome-wide interactomics
  • In vitro stem cell assays
  • Inducible mouse models


Björn von Eyß
Group Leader
+49 3641 65-6047

Ramona Taubert
+49 3641 65-6336


Björn von Eyß+49 3641 656047bjoern.voneyss@leibniz-fli.deGroup Leader
Marco Alfred Gründl+49 3641 656185marco.gruendl@leibniz-fli.dePostdoc
Yuliya Kurlishchuk+49 3641 656172yuliya.kurlishchuk@leibniz-fli.dePostdoc
Marie Tollot-Wegner+49 3641 656172marie.tollot@leibniz-fli.dePostdoc
Kyung Mok Kim+49 3641 656186kyungmok.kim@leibniz-fli.deDoctoral Candidate
Laura Neubert+49 3641 656185laura.neubert@leibniz-fli.deDoctoral Candidate
Paul Cramer+49 3641 656172paul.cramer@leibniz-fli.deScientist
Tom Hünniger+49 3641 656172tom.huenniger@leibniz-fli.deTechnical Assistant
Christin Ritter+49 3641 656185christin.ritter@leibniz-fli.deTechnical Assistant
Alexandra Kipping---alexandra.kipping@uni-jena.deMaster Student
Lukas Nittka+49 3641 656185lukas.nittka@leibniz-fli.deBachelor Student

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