Postdoc Network RegenerAging

Aging-Induced Impairments of Regeneration and Stem Cell Functionality (SAW 2015-2020)

Within the Postdoc Network "Aging-induced impairments of regeneration and stem cell functionality – RegenerAging" our postdocs worked on interconnected projects to improve the understanding of functional impairments during aging induced by impairments in stem cell function and regeneration. Eventually, we were aiming to identify targets for future therapies and intervention strategies to combat aging-associated dysfunctions and diseases. The Postdoc Network “RegenerAging” was granted by the Leibniz Association (SAW 2015-2020).

Each postdoc was co-supervised by two experts from different areas of basic science and/or academic medicine. In addition, each project involved an international expert from a top ranked institution hosting the postdoc for a two to four week period in the third year. This provided external advice for finalization of the project to foster international connections for the candidate at the respective institution.