Institute Council

The Institute Council (IC) consults with and advises the Board of Directors of the FLI prior to decisions on strategic issues; in particular on evaluations, initiation of joint projects, strategic partnerships, initiating the phase-out of research groups, budgetary issues, and the general research development of the FLI.

The Scientific Director nominates, in agreement with the Assembly of the Research Group Leaders, up to four Senior Group Leaders for two years of service in the IC. Junior Group Leaders elect one of their cohort as their representative, while the Administrative Director, and the Head of Core are ex officio members of the IC.

The IC meets frequently, at least once a month – protocols are prepared and the Assembly of the Research Group Leaders is informed on occasion of their regular meetings about the topics discussed in the IC.

Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim Scientific Director
Dr. Daniele Barthel Administrative Director
Dr. Christoph Kaether Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Helen Morrison Group Leader
Prof. Dr. Claudia Waskow Group Leader
Dr. Maria Ermolaeva Junior Group Representative
Dr. Alessandro Ori Invited Guest
Dr. Tobias Sperka Head of Core