Postdoc Circle at FLI

The Postdocs at the FLI are organized in a Postdoc Circle to facilitate communication and information exchange. We share contacts of our current and former members and display announcements on advanced training courses and other activities of the FLI Postdoc Circle. Currently more than 50 Postdocs are working at the FLI.

The mission of the Postdoc Circle, which is headed by the Postdoc representatives, is to:

  • support career development and postdoctoral training courses
  • facilitate communication and information exchange
  • represent and address specific interests of postdoctoral researchers
  • network with current and former FLI Postdocs.

Postdoc Representatives

Konstantin Riege
(Hoffmann Group)

Danila Voronov
(Cellerino Group)

Yuliya Kurlishchuk
(von Eyss Group)