Former Research Group - Wang (until 2023)

Group Leader Prof. Dr. Zhao-Qi Wang left the FLI in March 2023. He is now at the Shangdong University, China.

Genome Stability:
DNA’s Repair Service

If DNA is damaged through intrinsic or extrinsic factors, there’s a prompt cellular answer. This DNA damage response (DDR) includes damage signaling, DNA repair, cell cycle control, apoptosis and transcription. Studying the mechanisms of DDR will advance our understanding of fundamental cellular processes, the maintenance of stem cell competence and proper tissue homeostasis. The study of Zhao-Qi Wang’s laboratory will provide insights into premature aging and age-related pathogenesis (such as cancer and neurodegeneration). They use cellular and molecular tools as well as animal models to dissect how the dysfunction of DNA damage signaling and repair pathways causes pathological changes and aging in humans.


Zhao-Qi Wang
Former Group Leader