Assembly of Research Group Leaders

The Assembly of Research Group Leaders meets with the Board of Directors at least once a quarter to exchange on group work, research projects and institutional issues. The assembly comes to an agreement regarding research and development programs, research collaborations as well as on educational activities and the usage of FLI's core facilities.


Dr. Daniele Barthel Prof. Dr. Christoph Englert  
Dr. Maria Ermolaeva Prof. Dr. Dr. Steve Hoffmann
Dr. Christoph Kaether Prof. Dr. Helen Morrison  
Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim Dr. Alessandro Ori
Prof. Dr. K. Lenhard Rudolph Dr. Tobias Sperka  
Prof. Dr. Dario R. Valenzano Dr. Björn von Eyß
Dr. Julia von Maltzahn Prof. Dr. Zhao-Qi Wang
Prof. Dr. Claudia Waskow