CS Gamma Irradiation Chamber

The Gammacell GC40 is mainly used for irradiating cells or small animals to induce radiation damage, e.g. for studying DNA damage response and radiation-induced repair processes.

The GC40 irradiator allows to treat biological material with γ-radiation at a dose rate (as of August 2019) of ~ 0.8Gy/min. So, if planning experiments it is important to calculate the irradiation time for the sample accordingly. Instructions on how to do this are provided upon the compulsory introductory and the yearly radiation safety instruction. A set of 3 attenuators are built in to reduce the central dose rate within the GC 40 sample chamber by 33, 60 or 80%, respectively. In addition, the GC40 collimator allows for reducing the central dose rate by 95%.

The GC40 has a microprocessor-based control system that allows the user to operate the unit easily, safely, and efficiently through the control panel (keypad and display).

The GC40 team provides introductions into safe usage of the GC40 for FLI researchers as well as for external users.

Through annual maintenance (service by GC40 supplier and TÜV), safe operation and use is ensured.


Tina Rüdiger
Radiation Protection Commissioner
+49 3641 65-6499

Legal requirement to be met before accessing the GC40:

  • Radiation safety instruction - before starting and once every 12 months thereafter
  • Introduction to operation of the GC40 irradiator – before commencing usage
  • Guest access – please inquire, guest contract may be required.

Internal Users:
Gamma Radiation Booking

External Users:
Guest access – Please inquire, guest contract may be required.

Additional Links and Downloads:

Intranet: Available Downloads (pdf) on:

  • Radiation Safety Organization at the FLI
  • Latest radiation safety instruction will be provided soon
  • FLI GC40 Radiation Protection Directive (German only)
  • Summary of access procedure (key and log book) in German and English, effective dose rate table, “How-to” for calculation of irradiation time and information on accessories can be found here
  • Organization of Radiation Protection at the FLI

Legal Regulations:


Melissa Krija+49 3641 656051eMailRadiation protection commissioner
Cornelia Luge+49 3641 656242/6442eMailRadiation protection commissioner
Elke Meier+49 3641 656755eMailRadiation protection commissioner
Tina Rüdiger+49 3641 656499eMailRadiation protection commissioner

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