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IMPULS — Identification and manipulation of the physiological and psychological clocks of lifespan

Life stages are traditionally categorized based on chronological age. However, aging is not a uniform process but can vary greatly between individuals of the same age due to various endogenous and exogenous factors (e.g., nutrition, lifestyle, mental state). On the background of demographic change, further criteria for the calculation of biological age are required.

The IMPULS research consortium aims to extend the already established epigenetic and brain organic clocks by additional age indicators and to elucidate their mutual interactions.

The identification and characterization of such cellular and organ physiological processes ("clocks of lifespan"), in combination with psycho-social aspects, will contribute to a holistic and multidimensional understanding of biological aging and the development of new strategies for healthy aging.

The research consortium is funded for five years under the "Breakthroughs" program of the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

In IMPULS, researchers from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the Jena University Hospital, the FLI, and the University of Leipzig are working together.

Collaboration partners:

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Jena University Hospital

Leipzig Research Centre for Civilization Diseases



Christoph Englert

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