Healthy Aging is Valuable

Everyone wants to live a long life but does not want to get old. It’s not easy to lead a long life without feeling old. That’s why most people are afraid of frailty in old age. This fear is further fostered through the public discourse and politicians talking about “challenges” or “difficulties” that emerge with the demographic change.

Unfortunately, it is often overlooked that due to the improvements in medical care, our seniors stay valuable members of our society for years or decades. Thus, all of us can take advantage of their wealth of experiences and expertise, both in private and public life.

If the proportion of the younger and the older generation is further changing, the young will benefit even more from the wide variety of experience and know-how of the elderly. Companies are already faced with a strong decrease of young applicants. Thus, companies begin to worship their experienced seniors, involving them in an advisory capacity even beyond their retirement.

Also for private life, an eventful and enjoyable retirement time could be expected due to the increasing life expectancy and improved health and activity levely. With regard to their soundness, capabilities and activity, today’s septuagenarians strongly differ from those from 50 years ago.

The extending of a healthy lifespan, which is the overall goal of FLI’s research, will help people to lose their fear from getting old and, instead, to find its good points.