CF Imaging

The Imaging Facility provides the infrastructure to support state-of-the-art microscopy at the FLI. Currently, the Facility operates and maintains several widefield and confocal microscopes, a Lightsheet and a STED superresolution microscope.

The facility staff provides introduction into microscopy techniques and service for FLI researchers and, upon arrangement, also for external users.

The Facility is specialized in live cell microscopy to monitor molecule and cellular dynamics in space and time. Several fluorescence fluctuation microscopy (FFM) techniques with single-molecule resolution have been established including FRAP, FCS, FCCS, FLIM, FRET, and RICS.

  • Equipment and techniques available:
    • LSM 710/ConfoCor 3 (FRET, FRAP, FCS, FCCS, RICS and time-lapse)
    • Spinning-Disc-Confocal (multi-fluorescence, rapid live-cell imaging)
    • LSM510-Optical Tweezer (Microbeam irradiation, optical tweezer)
    • IX70 Inverse (Widefield, brightfield, fluorescence microscopy of tissue sections)
    • AxioScan multi-Slide Scanner
    • Several Axiovert 200 ApoTomes; 2x inverse, 3x upright (optical sectioning with structured illumination, colocalization analysis, 2D, 3D, distance measurements, tiling of tissue sections)
    • VS110 Virtual microscope (Automated fluorescence imaging of tissue sections, 3D, tiling)
    • PALM laser-capture microdissection and optical tweezer microscope
    • TCS SP8 STED-3X (Stimulated emission depletion super-resolution microscopy)
    • Lightsheet Z1 (live imaging of whole organisms in 3D over time.


Peter Hemmerich
CF Manager
+49 3641 65-6262

Christoph Kaether
Scientific Supervisor

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Overview CF Imaging

FLI's Imaging Facility is part of the German BioImaging Network (GERBI).

  • Live-cell analyses of chromatin complex assembly
  • Superresolution imaging of supramolecular cellular complexes
  • Live-cell imaging of intracellular vesicle transport
  • Live-cell imaging of dendritic cells
  • Confocal imaging of mouse tissues and 3D reconstruction
  • Immunofluorescence localization of molecules in cultured cells and tissue samples

Internal users:
 Download (pdf)  User information on the Imaging Facility

External users:
Please inquire.

Team (incomplete due to Data protection)

Peter Hemmerich+49 3641 656262eMailCore Facility Manager
Christian Hoischen+49 3641 656305eMailStaff Scientist
Birgit Perner+49 3641 656749/6493eMailStaff Scientist
Marianne Koch+49 3641 656168eMailTechnical Assistant
Christoph Kaether+49 3641 656230eMailScientific Supervisor

* incomplete due to Data protection

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