Animal Caretaker Research & Clinics (m/f/x) - IHK Degree

It’s in the responsibility of an animal caretaker research/clinics to take care and breed experimental animals in research institutions and assist in animal experiments. In animal clinics, animal caretakers take care of ill or injured pets and assist in medical interventions and treatments.


General Information

During their dual vocational training, trainees attend 2-3 week teaching blocks at the Berufsschule Ansbach/Außenstelle Triesdorf, each followed by a 4-6 week practical training at FLI.

The apprenticeship is organized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) of Eastern Thuringia in Gera and normally takes 3 years (40 h/week). Showing excellent training results, the duration may be shortened. Trainees are remunerated according to the agreement TVA-L BBiG.



  • should have completed their secondary school diploma or Abitur
  • should be interested in scientific experiments within an international research environment
  • should own a reliable, diligent and exact working style
  • should be ready for assisting in experiments with animals
  • should be highly engaged and team-minded
  • should have good language skills in English

Career Perspectives

After the completion of their vocational training, animal caretakers research/clinics can collaborate with and assist to our FLI scientists in research and research projects, development departments of pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises, in universities and research institutions.

Madelaine Braune
Trainer Animal Caretaker
+49 3641 65-6619