Animal Facility Fish

Scientists at the FLI are conducting research on two fish species: the zebrafish (Danio rerio) and the turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri). Killifish are a promising model organism specifically for aging research because of their short lifespan. A total of about 8,600 fish are kept in aquariums for this purpose.

To ensure the comparability of scientific studies and experiments with the fish, it is important to maintain them under consistent conditions that are as optimal as possible. For this reason, the fish at the FLI live in standardized aquariums that hold a specific volume of water (1 liter per 5 fish in the case of zebrafish) and are arranged in shelf systems. This professional fish management makes it possible to monitor the water quality for all fish at a constant high level. For example, the temperature, pH and nitrate content of the water is constantly monitored.

Caretakers feed the fish several times a day, ensuring that the aquariums are clean and that the fish are doing well. The health and well-being of each individual fish is checked regularly. In addition, the fish colony is checked several times a year for diseases such as fish tuberculosis, a typical “aquarium disease.” The team of veterinarians is always on hand to safeguard the health of the fish.


Dr. Beate Hoppe
Head Animal Facility Fish
+49 3641 656138