CS Laboratory Supplies

The media kitchen provides services for washing, autoclaving and heat sterilization (180-220 °C) of bulk glass and plastic labware. It autoclaves S1 waste prior to safe disposal.

Furthermore, it prepares and stocks some standard buffers and media – a list of available stocks is found below. Please inform the facility well in advance if you need larger quantities of stock solutions or media.

At present the service provides:

  • LB media
  • LB agar
  • 10x PBS
  • 0.5M EDTA

The media kitchen units are located in the basement of FLI1 and of FLI3, respectively.



Udo Höfs
CS Manager
+49 3641 65-6626

Maik Baldauf
Media in FLI 3
+49 3641 65-6302

Team (incomplete due to Data protection)

Udo Höfs+49 3641 656626/6601udo.hoefsleibniz-flideCore Service Manager
Maik Schlotte+49 3641 656302maik.schlotteleibniz-flideTechnical Assistant
Olaf Getzkow+49 3641 656626/6601olaf.getzkowleibniz-flideWorker

* incomplete due to Data protection

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