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If you have questions with regard to our research, the institute or about aging, we are glad to assist you.

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Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI)
Beutenbergstraße 11
07745 Jena, Germany

P. +49 3641 – 65 6000

Sahu, Amit Kumar+49 3641 656856eMailOri Cooperation Group (US)
Sannai, Mara+49 3641 656716eMailCF Functional Genomics
Santos Valentim, Isabela+49 3641 656868eMailErmolaeva Research Group
Schalk, Felix+49 3641 656744eMailCorreia Melo Research Group
Schätzlein, Sonja+49 3641 656836eMailCF Technology Transfer
Scherneck, Babette+49 3641 656383eMailFinances
Schindler, Lisa---eMailMorrison Research Group
Schleep, Johanna+49 3641 656762/6758/6022eMailCF Flow Cytometry
Schlotte, Maik+49 3641 656302eMailCS Media Preparation
Schmidt, Marcus+49 3641 656259eMailExperimental Services
Schmidt, Patricia+49 3641 656723eMailExperimental Services
Schmidt, Volker+49 3641 656259/6029/6159eMailExperimental Services
Schmidt, Lena Katarina+49 3641 656619eMailExperimental Services
Schnell, Viviane---eMailvon Eyss Research Group
Schreiber, Anna+49 3641 656617eMailExperimental Services
Schubert, Karsten+49 3641 656130eMailFacility and Building Management
Schubert, Katrin+49 3641 656022/6758eMailCF Flow Cytometry
Schuhmann, Peter+49 3641 656389eMailLegal Affairs
Schulz, Silke+49 3641 656701eMailExperimental Services
Schwab, Katjana+49 3641 656877eMailHoffmann Research Group
Schwarz, Robert+49 3641 656057eMailHoffmann Research Group
Seidel, Anett---eMailAF Veterinary medicine chest
Seidlein, Anne+49 3641 656316eMailAdministrative Director's Office
Senf, Bernd+49 3641 656455eMailCF Life Science Computing
Senf, Enrico+49 3641 656221eMailIT-Service
Shamim-Schulze, Farzana+49 3641 656702eMailValenzano Research Group
Shcherbakova, Anastasiia+49 3641 656744eMailCorreia Melo Research Group
Silva Costa, Flavio+49 3641 656702eMailValenzano Research Group
Siniuk, Kanstantsin+49 3641 656875/6243eMailHoffmann Research Group
Sleiman, Mira---eMailKirstein Research Group
Späth, Ellen+49 3641 656856eMailOri Cooperation Group (US)
Sperka, Tobias+49 3641 656822eMailHead of Core
Ständert, Viviane+49 3641 656011eMailExperimental Services
Stockdale, Amy Catherine+49 3641 656215eMailMorrison Research Group
Stöckl, Eileen+49 3641 656815eMailTeam secretariate
Süßenguth, Anne+49 3641 656722eMailExperimental Services
Szafranski, Karol+49 3641 656804eMailCF Life Science Computing
Szafranski, Beate+49 3641 656844eMailCF Technology Transfer