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If you have questions with regard to our research, the institute or about aging, we are glad to assist you.

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Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI)
Beutenbergstraße 11
07745 Jena, Germany

P. +49 3641 – 65 6000

Kaether, Christoph+49 3641 656230eMailKaether Research Group
Kahms, Matthias+49 3641 656341eMailFacility and Building Management
Kannenberg, Elke+49 3641 656360eMailPurchasing
Kean, Samuel Allan+49 3641 656851eMailValenzano Research Group
Kettering, Melanie+49 3641 656814eMailRudolph Research Group
Khandelwal, Advitiya+49 3641 656172eMailvon Eyss Research Group
Kirchhof, Diana+49 3641 656353eMailPersonnel
Kirchner, Tycho---eMailHoffmann Research Group
Kirstein, Janine+49 3641 656415/6385eMailKirstein Research Group
Koch, Philipp+49 3641 656053eMailCF Life Science Computing
Koch, Marianne+49 3641 656168eMailCF Imaging
Kolbe, Juliane+49 3641 656062/6081eMailExperimental Services
Kreyßel-Minar, Sylvia+49 3641 656373eMailPublic Relations
Krija, Melissa+49 3641 656051eMailWaskow Research Group
Kroll, Torsten+49 3641 656400eMailCF Functional Genomics
Kruspe, Dagmar+49 3641 656041eMailEnglert Research Group
Kummerfeld, Delf-Magnus+49 3641 656161eMailWinek Research Group
Kurlishchuk, Yuliya+49 3641 656172/6186eMailvon Eyss Research Group