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If you have questions with regard to our research, the institute or about aging, we are glad to assist you.

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Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI)
Beutenbergstraße 11
07745 Jena, Germany

P. +49 3641 – 65 6000

Gallert, Sabine+49 3641 656112eMailCF Functional Genomics
Gallrein, Christian---eMailKirstein Research Group
Garcia, Magno Delmiro+49 3641 656268eMailExperimental Services
Geisler, Nino+49 3641 656838eMailRudolph Research Group
Gerbet, Antje+49 3641 656330eMailPurchasing
Getzkow, Olaf+49 3641 656626/6601eMailCS Media Preparation
Gharat, Kunal Anil+49 3641 656282eMailKirstein Research Group
Gleiche, Annerose+49 3641 656282/6285eMailKirstein Research Group
Görlich, Ivonne+49 3641 656242/6442eMailCF DNA Sequencing
Graudenz, Christian+49 3641 656134eMailFacility and Building Management
Grigaravicius, Paulius+49 3641 656419eMailAssociated Group Ori (CA-US)
Groth, Susann+49 3641 656073eMailWorking and biological safety
Groth, Marco+49 3641 656054eMailCF DNA Sequencing
Guan, Junjie+49 3641 656161eMailWinek Research Group
Güderer, Ismail---eMailDoenertas Research Group
Günther, Gabriele+49 3641 656306/6752eMailCF Functional Genomics
Gutzeit, Cynthia+49 3641 656344eMailPersonnel