Kestler Associated Research Group



  • Sputnik: Ad hoc distributed computation.
    Völkel G, Lausser L, Schmid F, Kraus JM, Kestler HA
    Bioinformatics 2015, 31(8), 1298-301


  • HSP90 supports tumor growth and angiogenesis through PRKD2 protein stabilization.
    Azoitei N, Diepold K, Brunner C, Rouhi A, Genze F, Becher A, Kestler H, van Lint J, Chiosis G, Koren J, Fröhling S, Scholl C, Seufferlein T
    Cancer Res 2014, 74(23), 7125-36 published during change of institution
  • Linear Contrast Classifiers in High-Dimensional Spaces
    Schmid F, Lausser L, Kestler HA
    In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (edited by El G, Neamat, Schwenker, Friedhelm, Suen, Ching Y), Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition 2014, 8774, 141-52, Springer International P published during change of institution