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  • A new class of ice-binding proteins discovered in a salt-stress-induced cDNA library of the psychrophilic diatom Fragilariopsis cylindrus (Bacillariophyceae).
    Krell A, Beszteri B, Dieckmann G, Glöckner G, Valentin K, Mock T
    Eur J Phycol 2008, 43, 423-33
  • Differential RelA- and RelB-dependent gene transcription in LTbetaR-stimulated mouse embryonic fibroblasts.
    Lovas A, Radke D, Albrecht D, Yilmaz ZB, Möller U, Habenicht AJR, Weih F
    BMC Genomics 2008, 9, 606
  • TSA downregulates Wilms tumor gene 1 (Wt1) expression at multiple levels.
    Makki MS, Heinzel T, Englert C
    Nucleic Acids Res 2008, 36(12), 4067-78
  • Synthesis of the phosphinic analogue of thyrotropin releasing hormone.
    Matziari M, Bauer K, Dive V, Yiotakis A
    J Org Chem 2008, 73(21), 8591-3
  • Density functional study of adenine tetrads with N6-H6...N3 hydrogen bonds.
    Meyer M, Sühnel J
    J Phys Chem A 2008, 112(18), 4336-41
  • Non-conservative homologous recombination in human B lymphocytes is promoted by activation-induced cytidine deaminase and transcription.
    Mierau M, Drexler GA, Kutzera A, Braunschmidt K, Ellwart J, Eckardt-Schupp F, Fritz E, Bachl J, Jungnickel B
    Nucleic Acids Res 2008, 36(17), 5591-601
  • Lack of association of genetic variants in genes of the endocannabinoid system with anorexia nervosa.
    Müller* TD, Reichwald* K, Brönner G, Kirschner J, Nguyen TT, Scherag A, Herzog W, Herpertz-Dahlmann B, Lichtner P, Meitinger T, Platzer M, Schäfer H, Hebebrand J, Hinney A
    Child Adolesc Psychiatry Ment Health 2008, 2(1), 33 * equal contribution
  • Rad54B targeting to DNA double-strand break repair sites requires complex formation with S100A11.
    Murzik U, Hemmerich P, Weidtkamp-Peters S, Ulbricht T, Bussen W, Hentschel J, von Eggeling F, Melle C
    Mol Biol Cell 2008, 19(7), 2926-35
  • Eyes absent proteins: characterization of substrate specificity and phosphatase activity of mutants associated with branchial, otic and renal anomalies.
    Musharraf A, Markschies N, Teichmann K, Pankratz S, Landgraf K, Englert C, Imhof D
    Chembiochem 2008, 9(14), 2285-94
  • Exploiting the mosaic structure of trans-acyltransferase polyketide synthases for natural product discovery and pathway dissection.
    Nguyen T, Ishida K, Jenke-Kodama H, Dittmann E, Gurgui C, Hochmuth T, Taudien S, Platzer M, Hertweck C, Piel J
    Nat Biotechnol 2008, 26(2), 225-33