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  • MRI evidence of white matter damage in a mouse model of Nijmegen breakage syndrome.
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  • Glucocorticoid receptor is required for skin barrier competence.
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  • Transport of beads by several kinesin motors.
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  • Structural robustness of metabolic networks with respect to multiple knockouts.
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  • Understanding Nitrogen Limitation in Aurecoccus anophageferens (Pelagophyceae) trough cDNA and qRT-PCR analysis.
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  • Kinesin-driven transport in cell-free environment.
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  • Comparative analysis of sequence features involved in the recognition of tandem splice sites.
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  • Opposing effects of dietary protein and sugar regulate a transcriptional target of Drosophila insulin-like peptide signaling.
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  • Antifungal effects of ethyl pyruvate, ethyl lactate and butyl lactate on selected dermatophytes.
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