Former Research Group - Große



  • DNA binding properties of human Cdc45 suggest a function as molecular wedge for DNA unwinding.
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  • Gap-directed translesion DNA synthesis of an abasic site on circular DNA templates by a human replication complex.
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  • Characterization of a new class of androgen receptor antagonists with potential therapeutic application in advanced prostate cancer.
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  • RNAi screening uncovers Dhx9 as a modifier of ABT-737 resistance in an Eμ-myc/Bcl-2 mouse model.
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  • Heterozygous mutations in PALB2 cause DNA replication and damage response defects.
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  • α-Synuclein Oligomers Impair Neuronal Microtubule-Kinesin Interplay.
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  • Identification of prolyl oligopeptidase as a cyclosporine-sensitive protease by screening of mouse liver extracts.
    Rentzsch A, Kahlert V, Jahreis G, Schlott B, Schutkowski M, Malešević M, Fischer G
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  • Synthesis and functional characterization of tridegin and its analogues: inhibitors and substrates of factor XIIIa.
    Böhm M, Kühl T, Hardes K, Coch R, Arkona C, Schlott B, Steinmetzer T, Imhof D
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  • Proteomic identification of PSF and p54(nrb) as TopBP1-interacting proteins.
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  • The N-terminus of the human RecQL4 helicase is a homeodomain-like DNA interaction motif.
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