Leibniz Research Alliance
'Healthy Ageing'

Old age comes with an increased incidence of severe health problems that limit quality of life. At the same time, the growing percentage of elderly people in a society combined with a declining birth rate raise social and economic issues. These pressing issues, that will stamp the future, are the subject of the Leibniz Research Alliance (LRA) 'Healthy Ageing'. The overarching scientific goal of the research alliance is to explore the biological and social foundations of the aging process and their interactions in order to develop novel intervention and adaptation strategies that sustainably promote healthy aging.

The LRA 'Healthy Ageing' bundles 20 Leibniz Institutes in the fields of Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Education, Sociology and Economy. The collaboration between these diverse scientific disciplines includes research on the biological and social foundations of aging as well as the application for common projects and the exchange of resources and knowhow.

The LRA 'Healthy Ageing' serves as major contact for politics and media concerning bio-medical and social-economic questions on aging. For detailed information see www.leibniz-gesundes-altern.de/en/start/.

Leibniz Research Alliance
'Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnology'

Active agents are molecules that cause a defined physiological change in target organisms. Many active agents are derived from nature and are optimized for application using biotechnological or chemical processes. Our rapidly growing and aging modern society demands continuous responses to new challenges. Together with 16 other Leibniz institutions, the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI) is collaborating on this issue within the Leibniz Research Alliance 'Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnology'.