Leibniz ScienceCampus

Research at the 'Leibniz ScienceCampus Regenerative Aging' is focusing on the molecular origins of stem cell aging, age-related decline in regeneration, and organ maintenance. In the course of biological aging the ability of tissues to form correctly differentiated tissue decreases continuously. This process can be observed in all aging human tissues. This results in a constantly evolving loss of function of organs – an important trigger for age-related dysfunction and disease. The molecular mechanism of disturbed cell differentiation during tissue aging has not yet been adequately researched.

The Leibniz ScienceCampi reflect the pro-active strategy pursued by the Leibniz Association, which seeks to bring about regional cooperation between academic and non-university research, thus strengthening the German research system. These endeavors are intended to lead to regional inter-institutional and interdisciplinary entities that can hold their own among the international competition in a specific research area and that are able to generate innovation and make their findings available to society.

Collaboration Partners

Wilfried Briest
Research Coordinator
+49 3641 65-6371