United, We Are Strong: Our Cooperations

To counter the accelerating development of technology and research, it is of high importance for the Leibniz Institute on Aging (FLI) to engage in scientific networks and cooperations. That’s why, since its very beginnings, the FLI has been supporting the interdisciplinary interchange on issues with regard to aging and cancer research.

Through interdisciplinary cooperations, collaborations, data exchange, symposiums and conferences the FLI helps its researchers to generate new knowledge, compare research results, develop new research tools and take advantage of the synergies that networking can provide. Furthermore, the cooperation of FLI with Friedrich Schiller University and University Hospital in Jena strengthens the image of Jena as research location, which has – in turn – a positive impact on the development of the local research infrastructure.

In total, we are engaged in 250 national research cooperations and associations as well as in collaborations with institutes from 30 nations worldwide. Thus, we provide ourselves with a state-of-the-art international knowledge and are able to significantly contribute to international aging research.


Wilfried Briest
Research Coordinator
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Ivonne Röppnack-Jahnke
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