Wang Research Group



  • Study of the homeostasis of Poly (ADP-ribose) in response to genotoxic stress
    Schuhwerk H
    Dissertation 2016, Jena, Germany


  • Stem Cells and Aging: What’s Next?
    Artandi SE, Blau HM, de Haan G, Geiger H, Goodell MA, Jones L, Levine RL, Munoz-Canoves P, Rodewald HR, Wagers A, Wang ZQ, Yamashita Y
    Cell Stem Cell 2015, 16, 578-81
  • Smg6/Est1 licenses embryonic stem cell differentiation via nonsense-mediated mRNA decay.
    Li T, Shi Y, Wang P, Guachalla LM, Sun B, Joerss T, Chen YS, Groth M, Krueger A, Platzer M, Yang YG, Rudolph KL, Wang ZQ
    EMBO J 2015, 34(12), 1630-47
  • Telomerase abrogates aneuploidy-induced telomere replication stress, senescence and cell depletion.
    Meena JK, Cerutti A, Beichler C, Morita Y, Bruhn C, Kumar M, Kraus JM, Speicher MR, Wang ZQ, Kestler HA, d'Adda di Fagagna F, Günes** C, Rudolph** KL
    EMBO J 2015, 34(10), 1371-84 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Deficiency in mTORC1-controlled C/EBPβ-mRNA translation improves metabolic health in mice.
    Zidek LM, Ackermann T, Hartleben G, Eichwald S, Kortman G, Kiehntopf M, Leutz A, Sonenberg N, Wang ZQ, von Maltzahn J, Müller* C, Calkhoven* CF
    EMBO Rep 2015, 16(8), 1022-36 * equal contribution


  • Systematic Characterization of Cell Cycle Phase-dependent Protein Dynamics and Pathway Activities by High-content Microscopy-assisted Cell Cycle Phenotyping.
    Bruhn C, Kroll T, Wang ZQ
    Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 2014, 12(6), 255-65 Cover Story
  • The Essential Function of the MRN Complex in the Resolution of Endogenous Replication Intermediates.
    Bruhn C, Zhou ZW, Ai H, Wang ZQ
    Cell Rep 2014, 6(1), 182-95
  • RPLP1, a Crucial Ribosomal Protein for Embryonic Development of the Nervous System.
    Perucho L, Artero-Castro A, Guerrero S, Ramón Y Cajal S, LLeonart ME, Wang ZQ
    PLoS One 2014, 9(6), e99956
  • Trrap-dependent histone acetylation specifically regulates cell-cycle gene transcription to control neural progenitor fate decisions.
    Tapias A, Zhou ZW, Shi Y, Chong Z, Wang P, Groth M, Platzer M, Huttner W, Herceg Z, Yang YG, Wang ZQ
    Cell Stem Cell 2014, 14(5), 632-43


  • Biological Function of DNA Damage Response in Cell Cycle Progression
    Bruhn C
    Dissertation 2013, Jena, Germany