Wang Research Group



  • ASPM promotes ATR-CHK1 activation and stabilizes stalled replication forks in response to replication stress.
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    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2022, 119(40), e2203783119 * equal contribution
  • PARP1: Liaison of Chromatin Remodeling and Transcription.
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    Cancers (Basel) 2022, 14(17)


  • Nbs1-mediated DNA damage repair pathway regulates haematopoietic stem cell development and embryonic haematopoiesis.
    Chen Y, Sun J, Ju Z, Wang ZQ, Li T
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  • Mapping protein carboxymethylation sites provides insights into their role in proteostasis and cell proliferation.
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  • Establishment of a fluorescent reporter of RNA-polymerase II activity to identify dormant cells
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  • Cell Type-Specific Role of RNA Nuclease SMG6 in Neurogenesis.
    Guerra GM, May D, Kroll T, Koch P, Groth M, Wang** ZQ, Li TL, Grigaravičius** P
    Cells 2021, 10(12), 3365 ** co-corresponding authors
  • The function of ATR in post-mitotic neurons and brain homeostasis
    Kirtay M
    Dissertation 2021, Jena, Germany
  • ATR regulates neuronal activity by modulating presynaptic firing.
    Kirtay M, Sell J, Marx C, Haselmann H, Ceanga M, Zhou ZW, Rahmati V, Kirkpatrick J, Buder K, Grigaravicius P, Ori A, Geis** C, Wang** ZQ
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  • MCPH1, beyond its role deciding the brain size.
    Kristofova M, Wang ZQ
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  • The Role of the Pathogen Dose and PI3Kγ in Immunometabolic Reprogramming of Microglia for Innate Immune Memory.
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