Former Research Group - Wang



  • The Essential DNA Damage Response Complex MRN Is Dispensable for the Survival and Function of Purkinje Neurons.
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  • Multifaceted Microcephaly-Related Gene MCPH1
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  • ADP-ribosyltransferases, an update on function and nomenclature.
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  • A gene dosage-dependent effect unveils NBS1 as both a haploinsufficient tumour suppressor and an essential gene for SHH-medulloblastoma.
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  • The Central Domain of MCPH1 Controls Development of the Cerebral Cortex and Gonads in Mice.
    Wang Y, Zong W, Sun W, Chen C, Wang** ZQ, Li** T
    Cells 2022, 11(17) ** co-corresponding authors
  • ASPM promotes ATR-CHK1 activation and stabilizes stalled replication forks in response to replication stress.
    Wu* X, Xu* S, Wang P, Wang ZQ, Chen H, Xu X, Peng B
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2022, 119(40), e2203783119 * equal contribution
  • PARP1: Liaison of Chromatin Remodeling and Transcription.
    Zong W, Gong Y, Sun W, Li T, Wang ZQ
    Cancers (Basel) 2022, 14(17)