Wang Research Group



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  • Cooperative treatment effectiveness of ATR and HSP90 inhibition in Ewing's sarcoma cells
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  • Mechanistic insights into p53-regulated cytotoxicity of combined entinostat and irinotecan against colorectal cancer cells.
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  • Butyrate and Metformin Affect Energy Metabolism Independently of the Metabolic Phenotype in the Tumor Therapy Model.
    Meyer FB, Marx C, Spangel SB, Thierbach R
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  • The LIM domain protein nTRIP6 modulates the dynamics of myogenic differentiation.
    Norizadeh Abbariki T, Gonda Z, Kemler D, Urbanek P, Wagner T, Litfin M, Wang ZQ, Herrlich P, Kassel O
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  • Biogenesis of Iron-Sulfur Clusters and Their Role in DNA Metabolism.
    Shi R, Hou W, Wang ZQ, Xu X
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  • TRIP6 functions in brain ciliogenesis.
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  • HAT cofactor TRRAP modulates microtubule dynamics via SP1 signaling to prevent neurodegeneration.
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  • Beyond HAT Adaptor: TRRAP Liaisons with Sp1-Mediated Transcription.
    Yin BK, Wang ZQ
    Int J Mol Sci 2021, 22(22)