Wang Research Group



  • Function of MCPH1 in Neurogenesis
    Gruber R
    Dissertation 2011, Göttingen, Germany
  • MCPH1 regulates the neuroprogenitor division mode by coupling the centrosomal cycle with mitotic entry through the Chk1-Cdc25 pathway.
    Gruber R, Zhou Z, Sukchev M, Joerss T, Frappart PO, Wang ZQ
    Nat Cell Biol 2011, 13(11), 1325-34 Dispatch by Singh and Cabernard. Neurogenesis: Premature mitotic entry lets cleavage planes take off! Curr. Biol. 22(1):R25-R28 (2011)
  • Progress in the function and regulation of ADP-Ribosylation.
    Hottiger MO, Boothby* M, Koch-Nolte* F, Lüscher* B, Martin* NMB, Plummer* R, Wang* ZQ, Ziegler* M
    Sci Signal 2011, 4(174), mr5 * equal contribution
  • Serine 312 phosphorylation is dispensable for wild-type p53 functions in vivo.
    Lee MK, Tong WM, Wang ZQ, Sabapathy K
    Cell Death Differ 2011, 18(2), 214-21
  • Point mutation at the Nbs1 Threonine 278 site does not affect mouse development, but compromises the Chk2 and Smc1 phosphorylation after DNA damage.
    Li T, Wang ZQ
    Mech Ageing Dev 2011, 132(8-9), 382-8
  • Cancer, senescence, and aging: translation from basic research to clinics.
    Lleonart ME, Carnero A, Paciucci R, Wang ZQ, Shomron N
    J Aging Res 2011, 2011, 1-2
  • Poly(ADP-ribose) metabolism is essential for proper nucleoprotein exchange during mouse spermiogenesis.
    Meyer-Ficca ML, Ihara M, Lonchar JD, Meistrich ML, Austin CA, Min W, Wang ZQ, Meyer RG
    Biol Reprod 2011, 84(2), 218-28
  • The first Sino-German Symposium on DNA Repair and Human Diseases.
    Xu* X, Eilers* M, Xiao* W, Du* LL, Bürkle* A, Wiesmüller* L, Wang* ZQ
    DNA Repair 2011, 10(3), 349-54 * equal contribution


  • Brain ischemic preconditioning does not require PARP-1.
    Faraco G, Blasi F, Min W, Wang ZQ, Moroni F, Chiarugi A
    Stroke 2010, 41(1), 181-3
  • Deletion of the nuclear isoform of poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase (PARG) reveals its function in DNA repair, genomic stability and tumorigenesis.
    Min W, Cortes U, Herceg Z, Tong WM, Wang ZQ
    Carcinogenesis 2010, 31(12), 2058-65