Neri Research Group

Methods & Tools

We carry out studies in several model systems including intestinal and hematopoietic stem cells both from mouse and human. We use cutting-edge technologies for the isolation of primary cells, culturing by using organoids or in vivo systems, generation of stable cell lines, genome-wide experiments (e.g. total and polyA RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, MeDIP-seq, Bisulfite-seq, TAB-seq, MAB-seq).


Francesco Neri
Group Leader
+49 3641 65-6724

Kornelia Haus
+49 3641 65-6401


Francesco Neri+49 3641 656724francesco.neri@leibniz-fli.deGroup Leader
Anna Krepelova+49 3641 656716anna.krepelova@leibniz-fli.dePostdoc
Suneetha Nunna+49 3641 656323suneetha.nunna@leibniz-fli.dePostdoc
Olena Husak+49 3641 656820olena.husak@leibniz-fli.deDoctoral Candidate
Jing Lu+49 3641 Candidate
Alberto Minetti+49 3641 656871alberto.minetti@leibniz-fli.deDoctoral Candidate
Dovydas Sirvinskas---dovydas.sirvinskas@leibniz-fli.deDoctoral Candidate
Francesco Annunziata+49 3641 656871francesco.annunziata@leibniz-fli.deScientist
George Garside+49 3641 656842george.garside@leibniz-fli.deScientist
Omid Omrani+49 3641 656871omid.omrani@leibniz-fli.deScientist
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Rasa+49 3641 656627mahdi.rasa@leibniz-fli.deScientist
Lisa Adam+49 3641 656871lisa.adam@leibniz-fli.deTechnical Assistant
Sandra Käppel+49 3641 656871sandra.gusewski@leibniz-fli.deTechnical Assistant

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