Kaether Research Group



  • Notch1 signaling is mediated by importins alpha 3, 4, and 7.
    Huenniger K, Krämer A, Soom M, Chang I, Köhler M, Depping R, Kehlenbach RH, Kaether C
    Cell Mol Life Sci 2010, 67(18), 3187-96
  • Analysen zum Kernimport von Notch1
    Hünniger K
    Dissertation 2010, Jena, Germany
  • NOD2-C2 - a novel NOD2 isoform activating NF-kappaB in a muramyl dipeptide-independent manner.
    Kramer M, Boeck J, Reichenbach D, Kaether C, Schreiber S, Platzer M, Rosenstiel* P, Huse* K
    BMC Res Notes 2010, 3, 224 * equal contribution


  • Klotho is a substrate for alpha-, beta- and gamma-secretase.
    Bloch* L, Sineshchekova O, Reichenbach D, Reiss K, Saftig P, Kuro-o M, Kaether C
    FEBS Lett 2009, 583(19), 3221-4 * equal contribution
  • Mutations in FAM134B, encoding a newly identified Golgi protein, cause severe sensory and autonomic neuropathy.
    Kurth I, Pamminger T, Hennings JC, Soehendra D, Huebner AK, Rotthier A, Baets J, Senderek J, Topaloglu H, Farrell SA, Nürnberg G, Nürnberg P, De Jonghe P, Gal A, Kaether C, Timmerman V, Hübner CA
    Nat Genet 2009, 41(11), 1179-81


  • A mutually exclusive alternative exon of slo1 codes for a neuronal BK channel with altered function.
    Soom M, Gessner G, Heuer H, Hoshi T, Heinemann SH
    Channels 2008, 2(4), 278-82


  • Endoplasmic reticulum retention of the gamma-secretase complex component Pen2 by Rer1.
    Kaether C, Scheuermann J, Fassler M, Zilow S, Shirotani K, Valkova C, Novak B, Kacmar S, Steiner H, Haass C
    EMBO Rep 2007, 8(8), 743-8


  • Inhibition of APP trafficking by tau protein does not increase the generation of amyloid-beta peptides.
    Goldsbury C, Mocanu MM, Thies E, Kaether C, Haass C, Keller P, Biernat J, Mandelkow E, Mandelkow EM
    Traffic 2006, 7(7), 873-88
  • Assembly, trafficking and function of gamma-secretase.
    Kaether C, Haass C, Steiner H
    Neurodegener Dis 2006, 3(4-5), 275-83 published during change of institution
  • Amyloid precursor protein and Notch intracellular domains are generated after transport of their precursors to the cell surface.
    Kaether C, Schmitt S, Willem M, Haass C
    Traffic 2006, 7(4), 408-15