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  • Insights into human Lck SH3 domain binding specificity: different binding modes of artificial and native ligands.
    Tran T, Hoffmann S, Wiesehan K, Jonas E, Luge C, Aladag A, Willbold D
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  • Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoids in the control of inflammation and lymphocyte apoptosis.
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  • Microtubules in electric fields.
    Unger E, Stracke R, Michette A, Mavromatos N, Tuszynski JA, Böhm KJ
    In: Proceedings of Coherence and Electric Fields in Biological Systems, CEFBIOS July 1-4, 2005 (edited by Pokorný J), Fröhlich Centenary International Symposium 2005, 23-25, Neoset, Praha
  • Sarcoidosis is associated with a truncating splice site mutation in BTNL2.
    Valentonyte R, Hampe J, Huse K, Rosenstiel P, Albrecht M, Stenzel A, Nagy M, Gaede KI, Franke A, Haesler R, Koch A, Lengauer T, Seegert D, Reiling N, Ehlers S, Schwinger E, Platzer M, Krawczak M, Müller-Quernheim J, Schürmann M, Schreiber S
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  • Marker free detection on microarrays.
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  • Molecular basis of the interaction specificity between the human glucocorticoid receptor and its endogenous steroid ligand cortisol.
    von Langen J, Fritzemeier KH, Diekmann S, Hillisch A
    Chembiochem 2005, 6(6), 1110-8
  • Subnuclear pathology.
    von Mikecz A, Hemmerich P
    In: Visions of the Cell Nucleus 2005, 184-203, American Scientific Pub
  • Structure and Function of the Nucleus: Subnuclear Pathology of Disease
    von Mikecz A, Hemmerich P
    In: Visions of the Cell Nucleus (edited by Hemmerich P, Diekmann S) 2005, 184-203, American Scientific Pub
  • Coronary vessel development requires activation of the TrkB neurotrophin receptor by the Wilms' tumor transcription factor Wt1.
    Wagner N, Wagner KD, Theres H, Englert C, Schedl A, Scholz H
    Genes Dev 2005, 19(21), 2631-42 published as IMB
  • Validation of mRNA/EST-based gene predictions in human Xp11.4 revealed differences to the organization of the orthologous mouse locus.
    Wen G, Ramser J, Taudien S, Gausmann U, Blechschmidt K, Frankish A, Ashurst J, Meindl A, Platzer M
    Mamm Genome 2005, 16(12), 934-41 published as IMB