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  • Ciliated sensory hair cell formation and function require the F-BAR protein syndapin I and the WH2 domain-based actin nucleator Cobl.
    Schüler S, Hauptmann J, Perner B, Kessels** MM, Englert** C, Qualmann** B
    J Cell Sci 2013, 126(Pt 1), 196-208 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Merlin isoform 2 in neurofibromatosis type 2-associated polyneuropathy.
    Schulz A, Baader SL, Niwa-Kawakita M, Jung MJ, Bauer R, Garcia C, Zoch A, Schacke S, Hagel C, Mautner VF, Hanemann CO, Dun XP, Parkinson DB, Weis J, Schröder JM, Gutmann DH, Giovannini M, Morrison H
    Nat Neurosci 2013, 16(4), 426-33
  • Loss of p53 in enterocytes generates an inflammatory microenvironment enabling invasion and lymph node metastasis of carcinogen-induced colorectal tumors.
    Schwitalla S, Ziegler PK, Horst D, Becker V, Kerle I, Begus-Nahrmann Y, Lechel A, Rudolph KL, Langer R, Slotta-Huspenina J, Bader FG, Prazeres da Costa O, Neurath MF, Meining A, Kirchner T, Greten FR
    Cancer Cell 2013, 23(1), 93-106 published during change of institution
  • Inflammatory monocytes and Fcγ receptor IV on osteoclasts are critical for bone destruction during inflammatory arthritis in mice.
    Seeling M, Hillenhoff U, David JP, Schett G, Tuckermann J, Lux A, Nimmerjahn F
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110(26), 10729-34 published during change of institution
  • Atherosclerosis-specific Innate and Adaptive B Cells in Artery Tertiary Lymphoid Organs of Aged ApoE-/- Mice
    Srikakulapu P
    Dissertation 2013, Jena, Germany
  • Putative Sugar Transporters of the Mustard Leaf Beetle Phaedon cochleariae: Their Phylogeny and Role for Nutrient Supply in Larval Defensive Glands.
    Stock M, Gretscher RR, Groth M, Eiserloh S, Boland W, Burse A
    PLoS One 2013, 8(12), e84461
  • Parallel evolution of senescence in annual fishes in response to extrinsic mortality.
    Tozzini ET, Dorn A, Ng'oma E, Polačik M, Blažek R, Reichwald K, Petzold A, Watters B, Reichard M, Cellerino A
    BMC Evol Biol 2013, 13, 77 BMC Highly accessed
  • Rule-based modeling and simulations of the inner kinetochore structure.
    Tschernyschkow S, Herda S, Gruenert G, Döring V, Görlich D, Hofmeister A, Hoischen C, Dittrich P, Diekmann S, Ibrahim B
    Prog Biophys Mol Biol 2013, 113(1), 33-45
  • Monocarboxylate transporter 8 modulates the viability and invasive capacity of human placental cells and fetoplacental growth in mice.
    Vasilopoulou E, Loubière LS, Heuer H, Trajkovic-Arsic M, Darras VM, Visser TJ, Lash GE, Whitley GS, McCabe CJ, Franklyn JA, Kilby MD, Chan SY
    PLoS One 2013, 8(6), e65402
  • Genetic and functional identification of the likely causative variant for cholesterol gallstone disease at the ABCG5/8 lithogenic locus.
    von Kampen O, Buch S, Nothnagel M, Azocar L, Molina H, Brosch M, Erhart W, von Schönfels W, Egberts J, Seeger M, Arlt A, Balschun T, Franke A, Lerch MM, Mayerle J, Kratzer W, Boehm BO, Huse K, Schniewind B, Tiemann K, Jiang ZY, Han TQ, Mittal B, Srivastava A, Fenger M, Jørgensen T, Schirin-Sokhan R, Tönjes A, Wittenburg H, Stumvoll M, Kalthoff H, Lammert F, Tepel J, Puschel K, Becker T, Schreiber S, Platzer M, Völzke H, Krawczak M, Miquel JF, Schafmayer C, Hampe J
    Hepatology 2013, 57(6), 2407-17