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  • A truncated Wnt7a retains full biological activity in skeletal muscle.
    von Maltzahn J, Zinoviev R, Chang NC, Bentzinger CF, Rudnicki MA
    Nat Commun 2013, 4, 2869 research results from former institution
  • CAPITO--a web server-based analysis and plotting tool for circular dichroism data.
    Wiedemann C, Bellstedt P, Görlach M
    Bioinformatics 2013, 29(14), 1750-7
  • Clonal analysis unveils self-renewing lineage-restricted progenitors generated directly from hematopoietic stem cells.
    Yamamoto* R, Morita* Y, Ooehara J, Hamanaka S, Onodera M, Rudolph KL, Ema H, Nakauchi H
    Cell 2013, 154(5), 1112-26 * equal contribution
  • A new paradigm in Atherosclerosis: immune injury of the Central Nervous System in hyperlipidemic mice during aging
    Yin C
    Dissertation 2013, Jena, Germany
  • PARP-1 Controls Immunosuppressive Function of Regulatory T Cells by Destabilizing Foxp3.
    Zhang P, Maruyama T, Konkel JE, Abbatiello B, Zamarron B, Wang ZQ, Chen W
    PLoS One 2013, 8(8), e71590
  • PARP-1 regulates expression of TGF-β receptors in T cells.
    Zhang P, Nakatsukasa H, Tu E, Kasagi S, Cui K, Ishikawa M, Konkel JE, Maruyama T, Wei G, Abbatiello B, Wang ZQ, Zhao K, Chen W
    Blood 2013, 122(13), 2224-32
  • Functional Dissection of DNA Damage Response pathways in vivo
    Zhou ZW
    Dissertation 2013, Jena, Germany
  • DNA damage response in microcephaly development of MCPH1 mouse model.
    Zhou ZW, Tapias A, Bruhn C, Gruber R, Sukchev M, Wang ZQ
    DNA Repair 2013, 12(8), 645-55
  • An Essential Function for the ATR-Activation-Domain (AAD) of TopBP1 in Mouse Development and Cellular Senescence.
    Zhou* ZW, Liu* C, Li TL, Bruhn C, Krueger A, Min W, Wang** ZQ, Carr** AM
    PLoS Genet 2013, 9(8), e1003702 * equal contribution, ** co-corresponding authors