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  • Molecular basis of the interaction specificity between the human glucocorticoid receptor and its endogenous steroid ligand cortisol.
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  • Subnuclear pathology.
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  • Structure and Function of the Nucleus: Subnuclear Pathology of Disease
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  • Coronary vessel development requires activation of the TrkB neurotrophin receptor by the Wilms' tumor transcription factor Wt1.
    Wagner N, Wagner KD, Theres H, Englert C, Schedl A, Scholz H
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  • Validation of mRNA/EST-based gene predictions in human Xp11.4 revealed differences to the organization of the orthologous mouse locus.
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  • Mutation analysis of the MCHR1 gene in human obesity.
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  • Early growth response proteins EGR-4 and EGR-3 interact with immune inflammatory mediators NF-kappaB p50 and p65.
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  • A study of equal node models for food webs.
    Wilhelm T
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  • The Dictyostelium genome encodes numerous RasGEFs with multiple biological roles.
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  • Transfer RNA gene-targeted integration: an adaptation of retrotransposable elements to survive in the compact Dictyostelium discoideum genome.
    Winckler T, Szafranski K, Glöckner G
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