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  • Differential polymerization of the two main protein components of dragline silk during fibre spinning.
    Sponner A, Unger E, Grosse F, Weisshart K
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  • The conserved C-termini contribute to the properties of spider silk fibroins.
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  • Hereditary lattice corneal dystrophy is associated with corneal amyloid deposits enclosing C-terminal fragments of keratoepithelin.
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  • Stable chromosomal association of MSL2 defines a dosage-compensated nuclear compartment.
    Straub T, Neumann MF, Prestel M, Kremmer E, Kaether C, Haass C, Becker PB
    Chromosoma 2005, 114(5), 352-64 published during change of institution
  • Gene organization features in A/T-rich organisms.
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  • Insights into human Lck SH3 domain binding specificity: different binding modes of artificial and native ligands.
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  • Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoids in the control of inflammation and lymphocyte apoptosis.
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  • Microtubules in electric fields.
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    In: Proceedings of Coherence and Electric Fields in Biological Systems, CEFBIOS July 1-4, 2005 (edited by Pokorný J), Fröhlich Centenary International Symposium 2005, 23-25, Neoset, Praha
  • Sarcoidosis is associated with a truncating splice site mutation in BTNL2.
    Valentonyte R, Hampe J, Huse K, Rosenstiel P, Albrecht M, Stenzel A, Nagy M, Gaede KI, Franke A, Haesler R, Koch A, Lengauer T, Seegert D, Reiling N, Ehlers S, Schwinger E, Platzer M, Krawczak M, Müller-Quernheim J, Schürmann M, Schreiber S
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