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  • Patterns of somatic structural variation in human cancer genomes.
    Li Y, Roberts ND, Wala JA, Shapira O, Schumacher SE, Kumar K, Khurana E, Waszak S, Korbel JO, Haber JE, Imielinski M, PCAWG Structural Variation Working Group, Weischenfeldt J, Beroukhim R, Campbell PJ, PCAWG Consortium
    Nature 2020, 578(7793), 112-21
  • The GID ubiquitin ligase complex is a regulator of AMPK activity and organismal lifespan.
    Liu H, Ding J, Köhnlein K, Urban N, Ori A, Villavicencio-Lorini P, Walentek P, Klotz LO, Hollemann T, Pfirrmann T
    Autophagy 2020, 16(9), 1618-34
  • Asymmetrical canina meiosis is accompanied by the expansion of a pericentromeric satellite in non-recombining univalent chromosomes.
    Lunerová J, Herklotz V, Laudien M, Vozárová R, Groth M, Kovařík A, Ritz CM
    Ann Bot (Lond) 2020, 125(7), 1025-38
  • CD44 (Cluster of differentiation 44) promotes osteosarcoma progression in mice lacking the tumor suppressor Merlin.
    Ma* J, Klemm* J, Gerardo-Ramírez M, Frappart L, Castven D, Becker D, Zoch A, Parent R, Bartosch B, Minnich K, Giovannini M, Danckwardt S, Hartmann N, Morrison H, Herrlich** P, Marquardt** JU, Hartmann** M
    Int J Cancer 2020, 147(9), 2564-77 * equal contribution, ** co-senior authors
  • Biomimetic reconstruction of the hematopoietic stem cell niche for in vitro amplification of human hematopoietic stem cells.
    Marx-Blümel L, Marx C, Weise F, Frey J, Perner B, Schlingloff G, Lindig N, Hampl J, Sonnemann J, Brauer D, Voigt A, Singh S, Beck B, Jäger UM, Wang ZQ, Beck JF, Schober A
    PLoS One 2020, 15(6), e0234638
  • The genome, transcriptome, and proteome of the fish parasite Pomphorhynchus laevis (Acanthocephala).
    Mauer K, Hellmann SL, Groth M, Fröbius AC, Zischler H, Hankeln T, Herlyn H
    PLoS One 2020, 15(6), e0232973
  • Prevalence and dynamics of clonal hematopoiesis caused by leukemia-associated mutations in elderly individuals without hematologic disorders.
    Midic D, Rinke J, Perner F, Müller V, Hinze A, Pester F, Landschulze J, Ernst J, Gruhn B, Matziolis G, Heidel FH, Hochhaus A, Ernst T
    Leukemia 2020, 34(8), 2198-205
  • Systematic elucidation of neuron-astrocyte interaction in models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using multi-modal integrated bioinformatics workflow.
    Mishra V, Re DB, Le Verche V, Alvarez MJ, Vasciaveo A, Jacquier A, Doulias PT, Greco TM, Nizzardo M, Papadimitriou D, Nagata T, Rinchetti P, Perez-Torres EJ, Politi KA, Ikiz B, Clare K, Than ME, Corti S, Ischiropoulos H, Lotti F, Califano A, Przedborski S
    Nat Commun 2020, 11(1), 5579
  • Ontogenetic Pattern Changes of Nucleobindin-2/Nesfatin-1 in the Brain and Intestinal Bulb of the Short Lived African Turquoise Killifish.
    Montesano* A, Felice* ED, Leggieri A, Palladino A, Lucini C, Scocco P, Girolamo Pd, Baumgart** M, D'Angelo** L
    J Clin Med 2020, 9(1) * equal contribution, ** co-corresponding authors
  • ConCysFind: a pipeline tool to predict conserved amino acids of protein sequences across the plant kingdom
    Moore M, Wesemann C, Gossmann N, Sahm A, Krüger J, Sczyrba A, Dietz KJ
    BMC Bioinformatics 2020, 21(1), 490