rhNRGß1 protein replacement therapy for the treatment of nerve sheath tumors

Tumors of the nerve sheaths originating from Schwann cells (e.g. Schwannomas) are benign, but patients suffer from a variety of different tumors that disrupt the function of the affected nerves. This can lead to loss of function and have serious consequences if, for example, the sense of hearing, balance, facial expression or mobility of the extremities are affected.

New therapeutic measures

Current treatment options are limited and focus merely on observation and surgical removal of the tumors, which is often accompanied by additional damage to the healthy nerve and results in a high rate of tumor relapse. Novel complementary therapeutic interventions could reduce the pathological burden and psychosocial pressure and thus greatly improve the quality of life of patients.

Promising protein replacement therapy

Results from previous trials show that protein replacement therapy with the soluble human protein fragment Neuregulinβ1 (rhNRGß1) can reduce tumor growth.

In this multicenter preclinical study, the "NRG1-PRT" research network aims to confirm the efficacy of rhNRGβ1 treatment in reducing schwannoma growth under confirmatory experimental conditions. If successful, this will provide an important foundation for subsequent clinical trials. Biotechnology investors have already received the therapeutic concept positively. There is interest in future collaboration on further development steps.


Lars Björn Riecken
Project Leader
+49 3641 65-6421

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