Rudolph Research Group



  • Adaptive immunodeficiency accelerates the development of intestinal atrophy in telomere dysfunctional mice during ageing
    Bajwa S
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • Igfbp7 knock-down perturbs hemotopoiesis and causes an MPN-like phenotype in aging mice
    Calmes PG
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • Cohesin-mediated NF-κB signaling limits hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal in aging and inflammation.
    Chen Z, Amro EM, Becker F, Hölzer M, Rasa SMM, Njeru SN, Han B, Di Sanzo S, Chen Y, Tang D, Tao S, Haenold R, Groth M, Romanov VS, Kirkpatrick JM, Kraus JM, Kestler HA, Marz M, Ori A, Neri F, Morita** Y, Rudolph** KL
    J Exp Med 2019, 216(1), 152-75 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Wnt Signaling Mediates the Aging-Induced Differentiation Impairment of Intestinal Stem Cells.
    Cui H, Tang D, Garside GB, Zeng T, Wang Y, Tao Z, Zhang L, Tao S
    Stem Cell Rev Rep 2019, 15(3), 448-55
  • Tnfaip2 induces differentiation of pluripotent stem cells and inhibits induction of pluripotency
    Deb S
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • Reverse genetic screening identifies essential ribosomal protein genes in hematopoietic stem cells that are dysregulated during aging
    Han B
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • Influence of telomere dysfunction and Polq-dependent alternative end-joining on organism aging
    Huber NMB
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • Sirt1 deletion improves intestinal atrophy in telomere dysfunctional mice by impairing induction of DNA damage responses
    Kim I
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • The peripheral differentiation of human natural killer T cells.
    Liu J, Hill BJ, Darko S, Song K, Quigley MF, Asher TE, Morita Y, Greenaway HY, Venturi V, Douek DC, Davenport MP, Price DA, Roederer M
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  • ORP3 is a tumor suppressor protein in the B-cell lineage of aging mice
    Njeru SN
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany