Rudolph Research Group



  • CEBP factors regulate telomerase reverse transcriptase promoter activity in whey acidic protein-T mice during mammary carcinogenesis.
    Kumar M, Witt B, Knippschild U, Koch S, Meena JK, Heinlein C, Weise JM, Krepulat F, Kuchenbauer F, Iben S, Rudolph KL, Deppert W, Günes C
    Int J Cancer 2013, 132(9), 2032-43 published during change of institution
  • Loss of p53 in enterocytes generates an inflammatory microenvironment enabling invasion and lymph node metastasis of carcinogen-induced colorectal tumors.
    Schwitalla S, Ziegler PK, Horst D, Becker V, Kerle I, Begus-Nahrmann Y, Lechel A, Rudolph KL, Langer R, Slotta-Huspenina J, Bader FG, Prazeres da Costa O, Neurath MF, Meining A, Kirchner T, Greten FR
    Cancer Cell 2013, 23(1), 93-106 published during change of institution
  • Clonal analysis unveils self-renewing lineage-restricted progenitors generated directly from hematopoietic stem cells.
    Yamamoto* R, Morita* Y, Ooehara J, Hamanaka S, Onodera M, Rudolph KL, Ema H, Nakauchi H
    Cell 2013, 154(5), 1112-26 * equal contribution


  • Transient telomere dysfunction induces chromosomal instability and promotes carcinogenesis.
    Begus-Nahrmann Y, Hartmann D, Kraus J, Eshraghi P, Scheffold A, Grieb M, Rasche V, Schirmacher P, Lee HW, Kestler HA, Lechel A, Rudolph KL
    J Clin Invest 2012, 122(6), 2283-8 published during change of institution
  • ATM-dependent phosphorylation of SNEVhPrp19/hPso4 is involved in extending cellular life span and suppression of apoptosis.
    Dellago H, Khan A, Nussbacher M, Gstraunthaler A, Lämmermann I, Schosserer M, Mück C, Anrather D, Scheffold A, Ammerer G, Jansen-Dürr P, Rudolph KL, Voglauer-Grillari R, Grillari J
    Aging (Albany NY) 2012, 4(4), 290-304 published during change of institution
  • Telomere dysfunction puts the brakes on oncogene-induced cancers.
    Günes C, Rudolph KL
    EMBO J 2012, 31(13), 2833-4
  • Disruption of Trp53 in livers of mice induces formation of carcinomas with bilineal differentiation.
    Katz SF, Lechel A, Obenauf AC, Begus-Nahrmann Y, Kraus JM, Hoffmann EM, Duda J, Eshraghi P, Hartmann D, Liss B, Schirmacher P, Kestler HA, Speicher MR, Rudolph KL
    Gastroenterology 2012, 142(5), 1229-1239.e3 published during change of institution
  • Functionality, growth and accelerated aging of tissue engineered living autologous vascular grafts.
    Kelm JM, Emmert MY, Zürcher A, Schmidt D, Begus Nahrmann Y, Rudolph KL, Weber B, Brokopp CE, Frauenfelder T, Leschka S, Odermatt B, Jenni R, Falk V, Zünd G, Hoerstrup SP
    Biomaterials 2012, 33(33), 8277-85 published during change of institution
  • Increased reprogramming capacity of mouse liver progenitor cells, compared with differentiated liver cells, requires the BAF complex.
    Kleger A, Mahaddalkar PU, Katz SF, Lechel A, Joo JY, Loya K, Lin Q, Hartmann D, Liebau S, Kraus JM, Cantz T, Kestler HA, Zaehres H, Schöler H, Rudolph KL
    Gastroenterology 2012, 142(4), 907-17 published during change of institution
  • Telomere length, telomerase activity and osteogenic differentiation are maintained in adipose-derived stromal cells from senile osteoporotic SAMP6 mice.
    Mirsaidi A, Kleinhans KN, Rimann M, Tiaden AN, Stauber M, Rudolph KL, Richards PJ
    J Tissue Eng Regen M 2012, 6(5), 378-90 published during change of institution