Publications Project Biochemistry


  • ABRAXAS1 orchestrates BRCA1 activities to counter genome destabilizing repair pathways-lessons from breast cancer patients.
    Sachsenweger J, Jansche R, Merk T, Heitmeir B, Deniz M, Faust U, Roggia C, Tzschach A, Schroeder C, Riess A, Pospiech H, Peltoketo H, Pylkäs K, Winqvist R, Wiesmüller L
    Cell Death Dis 2023, 14(5), 328


  • Partial Reduction in BRCA1 Gene Dose Modulates DNA Replication Stress Level and Thereby Contributes to Sensitivity or Resistance.
    Classen S, Rahlf E, Jungwirth J, Albers N, Hebestreit LP, Zielinski A, Poole L, Groth M, Koch P, Liehr T, Kankel S, Cordes N, Petersen C, Rothkamm K, Pospiech** H, Borgmann** K
    Int J Mol Sci 2022, 23(21) ** co-corresponding authors
  • Charakterisierung des potentiellen DNA-Replikationsfaktors PN70
    Kutz J
    Dissertation 2022, Jena, Germany


  • Molekularbiologische Beschreibung des Alterungsprozesses
    Diekmann S, Grosse F, Hemmerich P, Pospiech H
    In: Handbuch Alter und Altern, J.B. Metzler (edited by Fuchs M) 2021, 145–151, Springer, Heidelberg


  • Multiple biochemical properties of the p53 molecule contribute to activation of polymerase iota-dependent DNA damage tolerance.
    Biber S, Pospiech H, Gottifredi V, Wiesmüller L
    Nucleic Acids Res 2020, 48(21), 12188-203


  • In vivo Study of Human DHX9 Helicase Functions
    Aly YSH
    Dissertation 2019, Jena, Germany
  • BRCA1 mislocalization leads to aberrant DNA damage response in heterozygous ABRAXAS1 mutation carrier cells.
    Bose M, Sachsenweger J, Laurila N, Parplys AC, Willmann J, Jungwirth J, Groth M, Rapakko K, Nieminen P, Friedl TWP, Heiserich L, Meyer F, Tuppurainen H, Peltoketo H, Nevanlinna H, Pylkäs K, Borgmann K, Wiesmüller L, Winqvist** R, Pospiech** H
    Hum Mol Genet 2019, 28(24), 4148-60 ** co-corresponding authors
  • Local inhibition of rRNA transcription without nucleolar segregation after targeted ion irradiation of the nucleolus.
    Siebenwirth C, Greubel C, Drexler GA, Reindl J, Walsh DWM, Schwarz B, Sammer M, Baur I, Pospiech H, Schmid TE, Dollinger G, Friedl AA
    J Cell Sci 2019, 132(19), jcs232181


  • The ATR-Activation Domain of TopBP1 Is Required for the Suppression of Origin Firing during the S Phase.
    Sokka* M, Koalick* D, Hemmerich P, Syväoja JE, Pospiech H
    Int J Mol Sci 2018, 19(8) * equal contribution


  • Toxic effects of zinc ions on kinesin - Potential molecular cause of impaired intracellular transport.
    Böhm KJ
    Toxicol Lett 2017, 268, 58-62