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  • DNA damage response in neurodevelopment and neuromaintenance.
    Qing* X, Zhang* G, Wang ZQ
    FEBS J 2022 (epub ahead of print) * equal contribution
  • Inflammaging is driven by upregulation of innate immune receptors and systemic interferon signaling and is ameliorated by dietary restriction.
    Rasa* SMM, Annunziata* F, Krepelova A, Nunna S, Omrani O, Gebert N, Adam L, Käppel S, Höhn S, Donati G, Jurkowski TP, Rudolph KL, Ori A, Neri F
    Cell Rep 2022, 39(13), 111017 * equal contribution
  • The sources of sex differences in aging in annual fishes.
    Reichard M, Blažek R, Žák J, Cellerino A, Polačik M
    J Anim Ecol 2022, 91(3), 540-50
  • Aging Activates the Immune System and Alters the Regenerative Capacity in the Zebrafish Heart.
    Reuter H, Perner B, Wahl F, Rohde L, Koch P, Groth M, Buder K, Englert C
    Cells 2022, 11(3), 345. doi: 10.3390/cells11030345.
  • Rhodopsins build up the birefringent bodies of the dinoflagellate Oxyrrhis marina.
    Rhiel E, Hoischen C, Westermann M
    Protoplasma 2022, 259(4), 1047-60
  • Molecular Sexing of Nothobranchius furzeri Embryos and Larvae.
    Richter A, Krug J, Englert C
    Cold Spring Harb Protoc 2022 (epub ahead of print)
  • Network analysis of hepatocellular carcinoma liquid biopsies augmented by single-cell sequencing data.
    Safrastyan A, Wollny D
    Front Genet 2022, 13, 921195
  • Ezrin deficiency triggers glial fibrillary acidic protein upregulation and a distinct reactive astrocyte phenotype.
    Schacke S, Kirkpatrick J, Stocksdale A, Bauer R, Hagel C, Riecken LB, Morrison H
    Glia 2022, 70(12), 2309-29
  • Pollutants corrupt resilience pathways of aging in the nematode C. elegans.
    Scharf A, Limke A, Guehrs KH, von Mikecz A
    iScience 2022, 25(9), 105027
  • Human NMDAR autoantibodies disrupt excitatory-inhibitory balance leading to hippocampal network hypersynchrony
    Schmidl L, Hunter D, Kreye J, Prüss H, Groc L, Hallermann S, Dalmau J, Ori A, Heckmann M, Geis C
    bioRxiv 2022,