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  • Paired helical filaments contain small amounts of cholesterol, phosphatidylcholine and sphingolipids.
    Gellermann GP, Appel TR, Davies P, Diekmann S
    Biol Chem 2006, 387(9), 1267-74
  • Alzheimer-like plaque formation by human macrophages is reduced by fibrillation inhibitors and lovastatin.
    Gellermann GP, Ullrich K, Tannert A, Unger C, Habicht G, Sauter SRN, Hortschansky P, Horn U, Möllmann U, Decker M, Lehmann J, Fändrich M
    J Mol Biol 2006, 360(2), 251-7
  • Lipoprotein Receptor-related Protein 1 (LRP1) - one of the Hallmarks of Alzheimer's Disease and other Complex Degenerative Processes.
    Gläser C, Birkenmeier G, Schulz S, Huse K
    In: New Research on Alzheimer's Disease 2006, 99-123, Nova Sciences Inc., Haup
  • Comparative genome analysis: selection pressure on the Borrelia vls cassettes is essential for infectivity.
    Glöckner G, Schulte-Spechtel U, Schilhabel M, Felder M, Sühnel J, Wilske B, Platzer M
    BMC Genomics 2006, 7, 211
  • Inhibition of APP trafficking by tau protein does not increase the generation of amyloid-beta peptides.
    Goldsbury C, Mocanu MM, Thies E, Kaether C, Haass C, Keller P, Biernat J, Mandelkow E, Mandelkow EM
    Traffic 2006, 7(7), 873-88
  • The single DNA molecule as analytical target and as building block.
    Greulich KO
    Lab Plus Int 2006, April/May, 12 –14
  • Single DNA, RNA and protein molecules at work.
    Greulich KO
    In: Proteins, From analysis to structural genomics (edited by Meyers, Robert A) 2006, 2, 833-858, Wiley-VCH Verlagsgesell
  • Method for preparing single-stranded DNA templates for Pyrosequencing using vector ligation and universal biotinylated primers.
    Groth* M, Huse* K, Reichwald K, Taudien S, Hampe J, Rosenstiel P, Birkenmeier G, Schreiber S, Platzer M
    Anal Biochem 2006, 356(2), 194-201 * equal contribution
  • Efficacy of oncolytic herpesvirus NV1020 can be enhanced by combination with chemotherapeutics in colon carcinoma cells.
    Gutermann A, Mayer E, von Dehn-Rothfelser K, Breidenstein C, Weber M, Muench M, Gungor D, Suehnel J, Moebius U, Lechmann M
    Hum Gene Ther 2006, 17(12), 1241-53
  • Cylindrical and ring-shaped tubulin assemblies as metallization templates explored by FESEM/EDX and SFM.
    Habicht W, Behrens S, Unger E, Dinjus E
    Surf Interface Anal 2006, 38(4), 194-7