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  • Cellular and genetic studies of the Mcph1 gene
    Sukchev M
    Dissertation 2010, Jena, Germany
  • Synthesis, antiproliferative activity and inhibition of tubulin polymerization by anthracenone-based oxime derivatives.
    Surkau G, Böhm KJ, Müller K, Prinz H
    Eur J Med Chem 2010, 45(8), 3354-64
  • Haplotyping and copy number estimation of the highly polymorphic human beta-defensin locus on 8p23 by 454 amplicon sequencing.
    Taudien S, Groth M, Huse K, Petzold A, Szafranski K, Hampe J, Rosenstiel P, Schreiber S, Platzer M
    BMC Genomics 2010, 11, 252
  • Assisted reproductive technologies do not enhance the variability of DNA methylation imprints in human.
    Tierling S, Souren NY, Gries J, Loporto C, Groth M, Lutsik P, Neitzel H, Utz-Billing I, Gillessen-Kaesbach G, Kentenich H, Griesinger G, Sperling K, Schwinger E, Walter J
    J Med Genet 2010, 47(6), 371-6
  • Development of a functional cis-prolyl bond biomimetic and mechanistic implications for nickel superoxide dismutase.
    Tietze D, Tischler M, Voigt S, Imhof D, Ohlenschläger O, Görlach M, Buntkowsky G
    Chemistry 2010, 16(25), 7572-8
  • Consequences of monocarboxylate transporter 8 deficiency for renal transport and metabolism of thyroid hormones in mice.
    Trajkovic-Arsic M, Visser TJ, Darras VM, Friesema ECH, Schlott B, Mittag J, Bauer K, Heuer H
    Endocrinology 2010, 151(2), 802-9
  • Impact of monocarboxylate transporter-8 deficiency on the hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis in mice.
    Trajkovic-Arsic* M, Müller* J, Darras VM, Groba C, Lee S, Weih D, Bauer K, Visser TJ, Heuer H
    Endocrinology 2010, 151(10), 5053-62 * equal contribution
  • Meeting report: nuclear receptors: transcription factors and drug targets connecting basic research with translational medicine.
    Tuckermann J, Bourguet W, Mandrup S
    Mol Endocrinol 2010, 24(7), 1311-21
  • Die Rolle der PML-Kernkörperchen bei der Regulation der MHC Klasse II-Expression
    Ulbricht T
    Dissertation 2010, Jena, Germany
  • Transcriptome analysis of the sex pheromone gland of the noctuid moth Heliothis virescens.
    Vogel H, Heidel AJ, Heckel DG, Groot AT
    BMC Genomics 2010, 11, 29