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  • Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase-1 Lacking Enzymatic Activity Is Not Compatible with Mouse Development.
    Kamaletdinova T, Zong W, Urbánek P, Wang S, Sannai M, Grigaravičius P, Sun W, Fanaei-Kahrani Z, Mangerich A, Hottiger MO, Li T, Wang ZQ
    Cells 2023, 12(16), 2078
  • Cell fate determinant Llgl1 is required for propagation of acute myeloid leukemia.
    Eifert T, Hsu CJ, Becker AL, Graessle S, Horne A, Bemmann F, Zhang Q, Heuser M, Vasioukhin V, Scholl S, Hochhaus A, Siegerist F, Endlich N, Bullinger L, Lane SW, Haas S, Schnoeder TM, Heidel FH
    Leukemia 2023 (epub ahead of print)
  • Turquoise killifish: A natural model of age-dependent brain degeneration.
    de Bakker DEM, Valenzano DR
    Ageing Res Rev 2023 (epub ahead of print)
  • A dysfunctional miR-1-TRPS1-MYOG axis drives ERMS by suppressing terminal myogenic differentiation.
    Hüttner SS, Henze H, Elster D, Koch P, Anderer U, von Eyss B, von Maltzahn J
    Mol Ther 2023 (epub ahead of print)
  • Evolution, mechanism and limits of dietary restriction induced health benefits and longevity.
    Becker F, Behrends MM, Rudolph KL
    Redox Biol 2023, 63, 102725
  • Dietary restriction mitigates the age-associated decline in mouse B cell receptor repertoire diversity.
    Monzó C, Gkioni L, Beyer A, Valenzano** DR, Grönke** S, Partridge** L
    Cell Rep 2023 (epub ahead of print) ** co-corresponding authors