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  • Gene regulation by the tumor suppressor p53 - The omics era.
    Fischer M
    Bba-Rev Cancer 2024 (epub ahead of print)
  • TRPS1 maintains luminal progenitors in the mammary gland by repressing SRF/MRTF activity.
    Tollot-Wegner M, Jessen M, Kim K, Sanz-Moreno A, Spielmann N, Gailus-Durner V, Fuchs H, Hrabe de Angelis M, von Eyss B
    Breast Cancer Res 2024, 26(1), 74
  • PARP1 UFMylation ensures the stability of stalled replication forks.
    Gong Y, Wang Z, Zong W, Shi R, Sun W, Wang S, Peng B, Takeda S, Wang ZQ, Xu X
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2024, 121(18), e2322520121
  • Nonlinear DNA methylation trajectories in aging male mice.
    Olecka* M, van Bömmel* A, Best L, Haase M, Foerste S, Riege K, Dost T, Flor S, Witte OW, Franzenburg S, Groth M, von Eyss B, Kaleta C, Frahm C, Hoffmann S
    Nat Commun 2024, 15(1), 3074 * equal contribution
  • Impact of inflammatory preconditioning on murine microglial proteome response induced by focal ischemic brain injury.
    Helbing DL, Haas F, Cirri E, Rahnis N, Dau TTD, Kelmer Sacramento E, Oraha N, Böhm L, Lajqi T, Fehringer P, Morrison H, Bauer R
    Front Immunol 2024, 15, 1227355
  • Immune aging in annual killifish.
    Morabito G, Ryabova A, Valenzano DR
    Immun Ageing 2024, 21(1), 18