CF Proteomics

The facility provides a complete platform for the identification and quantification of proteins using mass spectrometry. We are equipped with state-of-the-art chromatography systems and mass spectrometers that enable multiple MS and LC-MS/MS experiments:

  • Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer (high resolution ESI mass spectrometer) coupled to nanoAcquity UPLC
  • LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD (high resolution ESI mass spectrometer) coupled to 2D nanoHPLC
  • LTQ (low resolution ESI mass spectrometer) coupled to GE MDLC
  • UltraflexII tof/tof (MALDI mass spectrometer)
  • Procise 494 (Edman sequencer)
  • 1260 Infinity (HPLC)
  • Easy nanoLC coupled to fraction collector/MALDI spotter (nanoscale preparations)
  • Sample preparation robot (in-gel digestion of large sample sets)

In addition, the facility provides a wide-range of software and bioinformatics tools for data analysis and interpretation:

  • Mascot Server
  • Proteome Discoverer
  • MaxQuant
  • Scaffold
  • Multiple in house written procedures based on R\Bioconductor
Workflow of a typical quantitative proteomics experiment
FLI: Proteomics Workflow
  • Identification and quantification of proteins using mass spectrometry
  • Preparation of peptides from different sample types (cells, tissues, etc…)
  • Peptide labeling for protein quantification (dimethyl labeling, TMT)
  • Off-line peptide fraction by high-pH reverse phase
  • De-novo sequencing of proteins

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Team (incomplete due to Data protection)

Name Phone Email Position
Joanna Kirkpatrick +49 3641 656164 Core Facility Manager
Karl-Heinz Gührs +49 3641 656432 Staff Scientist
Erika Kelmer Sacramento +49 3641 656200 Postdoc
Norman Rahnis +49 3641 656856 Technical Assistant
Alessandro Ori +49 3641 656808 Scientific Supervisor

* incomplete due to Data protection

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Dr. Joanna Kirkpatrick

Joanna Kirkpatrick
CF Manager
+49 3641 65-6164

Alessandro Ori
Scientific Supervisor

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Overview CF Proteomics

Overview CF Proteomics