CF Functional Genomics

The functional genomics facility performs high-throughput image-based experiments combined with RNAi and provides technical expertise and support in high-content analysis microscopy for the quantitative analysis of cellular phenotypes. Currently, the facility is establishing an shRNA library.

Tasks routinely performed by the facility:

Assay Development & Optimization, User training

  • design & optimization of cell-based assays
  • optimization of siRNA transfection
  • high-content analysis (HCA) assay development and optimisation
  • assay adaptation to multi-well-plate format
  • work-flow automation
  • statistical analysis


  • high-throughput high-content RNAi screening
  • data analysis
  • hit-picking

Resources and equipment

  • RNAi libraries
  • automated high-throughput epifluorescence microscope
  • automated high-throughput spinning disk confocal microscope
  • liquid handling work station
  • IT infrastructure for storage & analysis of large datasets
Function in Focus
FLI: Function in Focus
High-throughput confocal microscopy station
FLI: High-throughput confocal microscopy station
  • Membrane protein trafficking
  • Identification of Notch signaling regulators
  • Identification of ER-retention/retrieval - associated proteins
  • Identification of compounds interfering with Notch trafficking (collaboration with FMP Berlin)
  • Identification of regulators of spindle orientation
  • Identification of compounds interfering with centrosome maturation  (collaboration with FMP Berlin)
  • Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis (collaboration with CME Ulm)

Internal users:
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External users:
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Team (incomplete due to Data protection)

Name Phone Email Position
Torsten Kroll +49 3641 656400 Core Facility Manager
Mara Sannai +49 3641 656716 Research Engineer
Jana Hamann +49 3641 656052 Technical Assistant
Christoph Kaether +49 3641 656230 Scientific Supervisor

* incomplete due to Data protection

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Dr. Torsten Kroll

Torsten Kroll
CF Manager
+49 3641-656112

Christoph Kaether
Scientific Supervisor

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Overview CF Functional Genomics

Overview CF Functional Genomics