Success in the Biorender Graphical Abstract Contest


We are happy to announce that Michael Reuter’s abstract was one of only 30 selected contributions for an Honorable Mention based on creativity and/or scientific merit in the Biorender Graphical Abstract contest!

Michael is a postdoc in the Morrison Lab at FLI, with a research focus on nerve regeneration. Therefore it was obvious that his abstract would also address this topic in the Biorender contest: “My graphical abstract shows the fascinating process of peripheral nerve repair. The main idea was to  explain this process in an understandable and clear way, yet focusing on the most important stages and cells that play a role in it. I’m happy that experts and many others voted for my abstract. A special thanks to all my FLI-colleagues who voted for me!” He will use his $250 USD win for activities with his group as soon as they will be possible again.

Process of nerve regeneration:
Peripheral nerve injury leads to nerve degeneration, which is followed by nerve regeneration. This process is accompanied by a dynamic inflammation. Schwann-cells and macrophages are cellular key players in this process, due to their remarkable plasticity. They promote nerve repair by an intimate interplay and the formation of a cytokine network to support healing. Over time, the microenvironment around the injured nerve shifts from a pro-inflammatory to a pro-regenerative state.

Congratulations, Michael!

Here you can find Michael’s graphical abstract and all other submissions: