FLI Colloquium with Jaap Kijer: Functional and pathway changes in the human aging muscle

Seminars Science

On April 18, 2024, molecular and biochemical physiologist Prof. Jaap Kijer from Wageningen University (Netherlands) will present two human studies of skeletal muscle in his lecture at the FLI.

Jena. One challenge for an ageing society is that aging goes hand in hand with physical weakness. In order to meet this challenge and develop preventive health strategies, better knowledge of skeletal muscle ageing is required.

In his lecture, Prof. Jaap Keijer will present two human studies investigating skeletal muscle function at the functional and transcriptome/protein level. Prof. Keijer will first answer the question of whether reduced mitochondrial function is due to aging or to the age-related decline in physical activity. He will also look at whether this is the case for all muscles. Keijer will then address the question of whether skeletal muscle ageing differs in women and men and whether physical weakness is (or is not) a continuum of ageing in women and men.

Information about Prof. Jaap Keijer:
Wageningen University, Netherlands

Title of Talk:Functional and pathway changes in the human aging muscle
When:Thursday, April 18, 2024, 3:00 pm
Where:Seminar room “Nucleus”, main building (FLI 1), Beutenbergstraße 11, Jena
Host:       Helen Morrison (Group leader Nerve regeneration)

The colloquium will be a hybrid event. Details for accessing the session will be provided before the colloquium takes place. For external guests: Please contact Ivonne.Roeppnack-Jahnke@~@leibniz-fli.de for details.